Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Have to call it gratiwednesday this week since I did not get it done before midnight. Oh well at least I am trying to get it done. That should count for something.

I am thankful for my kids. I know I say this everyweek but it is true. They are my saving grace they make me want to be a better person, try harder, go farther.
I am thankful for my sisters. I have the best sisters. 2 of my sisters were able to head up to SLC with me this last weekend and I am so thankful that they would go and help me and support McKalls dancing.
I am thankful for my car. It handled so nice I had no problems.
I am thankful for a bed. I just got a new bed and I am in love I am sleeping so much better.
I am thankful for my mom and dad.
I am thankful for Andres, Sarah and the boys
I am thankful for my friend Kristy, she always seems to know when to call to cheer me up
I am thankful for a job
I am thankful for warm weather
I am thankful for Diet Coke
I am thankful for space
I am thankful for the power of prayer
I am thankful for choices that I have my own
I am thankful for a sound mind
I am thankful for a cellphone (with no contract)
I am thankful for sleep. It really is hard to come by these days.
I am thankful for a sense of humor
I am thankful for the unconditional love my kids have for me
I am thankful for love
I am thankful for my grandma

I have so much more to be thankful for but I am having a hard time staying focused. I have only slept 1.5 hours in the last almost 24 hours. I still have one more night to work too. Oh well I will survive. I have taken survival to an art form. HA HA

Hogle Zoo

While we were up north for dance competition we thought we would squeeze in a quick trip to the zoo. Staelie loves animals so she is in heaven when we go. We had a good time. The zoo was having some remodeling being done so it was not as cool but it was still fun. Stockden was so mad that he did not get to see a tiger with hair (lion) that was all he wanted to see. He loved the train and had a ball with the girls playing at the playground. The weather was nice it was not too hot or too cold. We had a lot of fun.

Lagoon Competition 2012

McKall had dance competition at Lagoon this past weekend and we were able to go. My sisters Kati and Kacee we so sweet to come go with me. I never would have made it by myself. My sister Katis boyfriend Justin lives up north so he came and met us and hung out all weekend. Justin is a reallygreat guy and my little boy thinks he is perfect. Stockden thinks Justin is the best thing ever and just wants to be with him all the time. Its kinds of funny. Justin was a great sport and I really appreciate it. Here is a picture take at Lagoon of the backside of Justin, Kati and of course Stockden.

We headed up to Salt Lake in Friday afternoon. We stayed at the Radisson Hotel. It was so nice and I got a smokin deal. We were about 2 blocks from City Creek and 2 blocks from Gateway. We were also about a half a block from Energy Solutions Arena.

Kids in the lobby of hotel

Beautiful View of the SLC temple

Outside window at hotel. We were on the 14th floor

Fountain at City Creek Shopping Center

Another view out window

 After we were all settled we walked up to the new shopping center City Creek. It was beautiful. It is across the street from temple square. We had dinner at the food court that way everyone got what they wanted. The littler kids and me walked back to the hotel while everyone else stayed and shopped. It worked out great.
The next morning we got up had a great breakfast at JBs up the street. The kids loved the breakfast buffett.

After breakfast Lagoon here we came. McKall had gone last year but the other kids had not been there before. We had a great time. Jentrie rode Wicked with Justin and loved it. On the Old Rollercoaster I was not too sure that Staelie was not going to throw up all over me. She made it though. Stockden loved the bumper cars the 1st time he went he just kept doing in circles and anytime that someone hit his car he would hit their car with his hand. It was so funny but after a few times he was a PRO!!! McKalls dance team took 1st for Jazz and 2nd for Hip Hop. They did a great job. We had a great day!!!

After a fun filled day at Lagoon we headed back to the hotel. We walked down to Gateway and had dinner at Applebees. After dinner I took the litte kids swimming and everyone headed back up to City Creek for so more shopping . All in all it was a great day.